March 10, 2024

What to do After you’re served with a (PFA) Protection from Abuse Order.

When served with a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to take it seriously and follow these steps:

1. **Review the Order**: Read the PFA order thoroughly to understand the details, restrictions, and requirements imposed by the court.

2. **Comply with the Order**: Abide by all conditions outlined in the PFA order, including staying away from the petitioner and refraining from any prohibited actions.

3. **Seek Legal Advice**: Contact an attorney experienced in family law or domestic violence cases immediately to understand your rights and legal options.

4. **Gather Evidence**: Collect any evidence or documentation that may support your defense or challenge the allegations made in the PFA order.

5. **Attend the Hearing**: If there is a scheduled hearing, make sure to attend. Prepare your case thoroughly and present your evidence and arguments effectively.

6. **Follow Court Procedures**: Adhere to all court procedures and deadlines, such as filing necessary paperwork and appearing at scheduled court dates.

7. **Maintain Distance**: Avoid any contact or communication with the petitioner or anyone else protected by the PFA order, even if you disagree with the allegations.

8. **Consider Counseling or Therapy**: If applicable, consider seeking counseling or therapy to address any underlying issues or concerns.

9. **Take Steps to Protect Yourself**: If you believe the allegations are false or exaggerated, gather evidence to support your case and consider obtaining a PFA order against the petitioner, if appropriate.

10. **Keep Records**: Maintain detailed records of all interactions related to the PFA order, including any attempts by the petitioner to contact you or incidents of harassment or abuse.

11. **Follow Up with Legal Counsel**: Continue to work closely with your attorney throughout the legal process to ensure that your rights are protected and to explore all available legal options.

Remember, violating a PFA order can result in serious legal consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and additional restrictions. It’s essential to comply with the order and seek legal guidance promptly.