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Reduce Your Taxes

While the economy continues to suffer, it is of great importance for homeowners to save money at every opportunity. One way in which a homeowner can do that is to lower their property taxes by making a property tax appeal. If you own a house, you know just how expensive property taxes can be, with rates increasing every year.

Here at the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C., we can help homeowners lower their property tax costs to more appropriate levels, so that they no longer have to overpay. Our real estate tax appeal lawyers will fight to help lower property taxes by using their intimate knowledge of the process and property evaluations. We can quickly determine whether property is overassessed and explain how we can begin the appeal process.

Our process enables property owners to realize a great deal of savings afforded to them by the reduction in assessments. The sooner the process is started, the sooner we can save our clients money. Call our firm at (215) 942-2100 today to speak with a our real estate tax appeal lawyers about property tax appeals.

Service Advantage

The advantage of our service is the fully contingent agreement. We do not charge a single dollar unless your assessment is reduced. This is a nominal one-time fee considering the tax savings you will enjoy for years to come.

Do you feel you are paying too much in property taxes, and it’s time for a property tax appeal? If so, you probably are.

Lower Your Taxes and Save Money

Many property taxes are incorrectly high, and many homeowners end up paying too much while others do not pay their fair share. All property owners should appeal their property tax assessments. No matter how undervalued your house is for tax purposes, chances are someone else out there is getting a better deal than you. Start a property tax appeal on your home and save money.

What is A Tax Appeal?

The taxes that you pay for the property you own are based on the assessed value of your county of residence, determined by the governmental taxing board. The local, county and school taxes that you pay are based on the estimation of this assessed value. If this estimation is correct, you pay the correct amount of taxes, usually in your monthly mortgage payment. If this estimation is not correct, then more likely than not, you are paying too much. You have the right to challenge the assessment for your property on an annual basis, and each county has a different period for filing an annual county assessment appeal.

Our real estate tax appeal lawyers work diligently representing Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. Those seeking more information about our real estate lawyers may click the link to learn more.

When you need an attorney to represent you with your legal matters, contact the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. in order to obtain the best results possible in each case. To arrange a consultation with one of our real estate tax appeal lawyers, please give us a call at (215) 942-2100 or fill out the contact form.