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Civil matters are resolved through the Civil Litigation process in a court of law. Civil litigation proceedings are governed by statutes and local court rules and rules of civil procedure. The term litigation refers to any lawsuit that is brought before a court in order to recover a right, obtain damages, obtain an injunction, prevent injury or obtain a declaratory judgment to prevent future legal disputes.

civil litigation lawyer philadelphiaSuch a lawsuit maybe a contract dispute, construction litigation, civil rights claim or even a small claims case. Although the majority of civil litigation lawsuits are settled prior to court by using an experienced attorney, more often than not, a complaint needs to be filed in order to get the other side’s attention.

Depending on the issues raised in the complaint and the parties involved, the more complex the litigation becomes there would be a greater need for an experienced trial lawyer or business lawyer. There is the chance of bringing in cross-claims and counter-claims into play and sometimes, courts need to separate out claims and parties into separate suits in order to promote efficiency and avoid overlapping factual issues.

contract dispute lawyer philadelphia

A Civil Litigation lawsuit is started as soon as the plaintiff files a written complaint. The defendant will then respond and deliver a written “answer” to the complaint in order to make any kind of plea. After the answer is filed the parties engage in the “discovery” process. At this point, the parties will learn about the pending lawsuits and all the facts involved in the case in order to prepare the trial. The discovery process includes witness questioning and answering, the exchange of documents, as well as written questions, known as “interrogations”.

Our civil litigation law firm has assisted  clients with the following:

-Small Claims

-Contract Disputes

-Construction Litigation

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