probate administration lawyer in bucks countyIn addition to working with families on many other estate administration matters, our office handles probate administration. Our experienced and thorough attorneys can help trustees and administrators of estates as well as those whose loved one has died without a will or estate plan. Providing

What is a probate lawyer?

A probate lawyer helps carry out the final wishes of the deceased as well as administrative functions of the estate. This includes inventory of the estate, valuation of estate assets and sale of estate assets. Distribution of property, attending settlements for sale of real estate, handling creditors, and ensuring all paperwork is completed are some of the responsibilities that would be handled by a probate lawyer. These duties can also be carried out by a family member as they are a function of estate administration regardless of whether or not there is a probate lawyer.

Who needs a probate lawyer?

Hiring an experienced probate lawyer to handle estate administration is for any family that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with carrying out administrative duties. For however complex an estate is, the administration process can be as complex and time consuming. Many families feel much more secure trusting a legal professional to carry out the duties instead of a family member.

What types of problems will a probate lawyer be able to resolve?

The complexity of the estate often hinges on title issues and unpaid debts. Many cases will often evolve from a property with liens from unpaid bills or welfare payments paid to nursing homes. The state of Pennsylvania may also need to recover the costs of benefit payments. Having an experienced probate administration lawyer provides representation to handle that process and help reduce the cost of those claims.

How can a probate lawyer help when a decedent is intestate (without a will)?

When someone dies intestate, without a will, a probate administration lawyer can facilitate the probate process. Assets and property still need to have a transfer of title to heirs. An administrator will be appointed by the court to handle all of the administrative functions mentioned above such as paying debts and managing expenses. Heirs must be identified and state intestacy laws are followed to determine distribution.

Because probate can be an emotional and time consuming process, hiring an experienced probate administration lawyer is important – many unforeseen financial and legal consequences may need special attention.

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