estate plans -Top Rated Estate Planning Attorneys in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The L:aw Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C.
There are many financial decisions you can control to maximize your estate for your heirs after you pass.  Now more than ever, it is crucial to make sure your affairs are in order.  Pennsylvania is one of several states that still has an inheritance tax. The tax rate for Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax is 4.5% for […]
Unemployment Compensation and Support Orders Unemployment. It is often an unexpected event that many may face but few are prepared to endure.  In some circumstances, a portion of one’s income can be recouped by applying for and receiving unemployment compensation.  Unemployment and the loss of one’s normal income can be stressful.  That stress is further […]
will preparation and contest
Last Wills and Testaments are the last people think of when they talk to their families, friends or spouses.  Most people find talking about creating what we call an “Estate Plan” is morbid.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It is a wonderful gift you can give your family and friends.  It not on […]
CCES Process in Bucks County and What to Expect Have you recently been ordered or agreed to participate in the CCES program? The process can be extensive and confusing for most. You may be thinking to yourself, what is it that I need to know, how much does it cost and what happens  after CCES. […]
7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Custody   Sometimes it is a difficult decision to make to decide if you should hire an attorney for your child custody matter. There is always the option to represent yourself pro-se, but will your knowledge and little experience with this topic be enough? Below I […]
buy-sell agreement Attorneys. The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. Top Rated Attorneys in Bucks County,Pennsylvania
It is important for any business with more than one owner to have a well drafted buy-sell agreement in place. These contracts, often referred to as buy-out agreements, govern what will happen in the event of an owner leaving the business for whatever reason. Failing to properly value a business or misunderstanding the different valuation […]
estate plans -Top Rated Estate Planning Attorneys in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The L:aw Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C.
You have probably heard the adage “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” and it appears that statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to lawyers who drafted their own last will and testament. In the annals of history, many prominent attorneys have surprisingly died either without a will […]
adverse possession in PA
Have you ever heard a story about a person finding someone on their property without their permission? These stories are often long because of the legal issues involved. It turns out that removing someone who is illegally living on your property can get a bit tricky. The technical legal term for this type of situation […]
Taxes During Divorce
With the tax deadline quickly approaching there are many things that need to be considered when going through a divorce. Taxes are complicated and can add issues to a divorce where there may not even be many issues. Many issues can arise out of filing taxes during or after your divorce.   One example of […]
parenting post divorce
Divorce can be a difficult process for a child to go through. It can add on extra stress while they are already undergoing difficulties with other things such as school, extra-curricular activities, sports, or anything else they are involved in. It is important to help them maintain organization with all the added time adjustments living […]

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