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  • It was time me to get a divorce and I went to Mr Kuldiner. He was very up front about everything. When we went to court he did everything and more then he said he was going to do. We settled out of court and I was able to keep all of my 401k. Money well spent. I would recommend him to anyone

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  • Magnificent!!! Very honest, quick reply, patiently listen to you and gives you best advice. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Kuldiner for your help and support in my legal matter.

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Commercial Real Estate Transaction Attorneys


Commercial real estate lawyer in DoylestownWhether you are a new or experienced investor, hiring a commercial real estate lawyer means you can be confident with the transaction. With so many people, professionals, and components to a deal, having an experienced commercial real estate lawyer to advocate for your needs and concerns will help you feel secure with your investment – or provide the insight to help you walk away if it doesn’t seem right.

A commercial real estate lawyer can help an investor understand the risk involved – evaluating and negotiating risk factors in accordance with the laws requires not only experience, but skill.

Additionally, it may be necessary to hire a commercial real estate lawyer if you are dealing with tough or emotional negotiations. This type of real estate often concerns large properties that generate money – having a commercial real estate lawyer to handle that process means an investor can trust the process will go more smoothly and backed by facts and experience.

Complex transactions requiring extensive documentation are much more easily handled by a professional. Having the trained eye to read, comprehend and negotiate contracts will ensure your best interests are in being represented.

This varies from the services and obligations of a commercial real estate agent, who may not always have your best interests in mind when it comes to making a sale. A commercial real estate lawyer can handle claims against and defense of commercial real estate agents.  Issues that can arise from a relationship between buyer and agent include acts of/accusations of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and fraud.

Other concerns handled by a commercial real estate lawyer include:

Renting and purchasing – reviewing commercial leases;

Taxes – explaining the full scope of tax implications and finding ways to mitigate taxes;

Zoning – resolving zoning disputes or permit disputes, including problems stemming from governmental entities that intervene with a project.

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