Modification & Enforcement of Orders

When life changes . . .

Life changes quickly and often the smallest change in schedule or lifestyle can affect an entire family. When managing agreements derived from divorce, there is often need to adapt regularly and reassess whether or not a family’s needs are being met.

Custody and support orders are open to modification because of the inherent changes in life. That is where a family can turn to the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner. Instead of leaving an agreement up to the parents to informally abide, allowing an experienced attorney to formulate an enforceable agreement will ensure your child’s rights.

Helping you maintain what was ordered

Should one parent not comply with the orders of the court after divorce, there are steps and options available to enforce orders regarding child support or alimony. Allowing our office to discuss these options will make it a simple decision on how to go forward. When aggressive legal experience is essential, rely on our extensive knowledge to get the results you need.

§ 4308.1. Collection of overdue support from monetary awards.

(a) General rule.–Overdue support shall be a lien by operation of law against the net proceeds of any monetary award, as defined in subsection (i), owed to an obligor, and distribution of any such award shall be stayed in an amount equal to the child support lien provided for under this section pending payment of the lien.

§ 3502. Equitable division of marital property.

(b) Lien.–The court may impose a lien or charge upon property of a party as security for the payment of alimony or any other award for the other party.

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