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We have handled a wide spectrum of legal matters in the realm of corporate law and commercial law. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or you are seeking legal counseling for a major corporation, the right business lawyer is a key to success.

If you are starting or purchasing a business, having a business lawyer can provide the security of well-constructed business documents, such as licensing, financing, shareholder and business partnership agreements, employment agreements, and more. Whether your business is a corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, general partnership, or business of nearly any kind, we have the experience to help you reach your business goals.

If your business is under the threat of litigation, you can count on the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C., to provide prompt and honest consultation. You can rest assured that our business lawyers provide the aggressive and tenacious services you need to pursue of a favorable outcome.

Services we can offer you:

– Business Formation

– Contract Preparation & Disputes

– Shareholder Agreements

– Partnership Disputes

When you need a business lawyer to represent you in your business law legal matters, contact the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. in order to obtain the best results possible in each case. To arrange a consultation, please give us a call at (215) 942-2100 or contact us by submitting the form at top right.