Alimony and Spousal Support

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Alimony and Spousal Support

Also known as spousal support, alimony may be a temporary plan through which a spouse can benefit either during the separation, known as alimony pendente lite, or after divorce. Following finalization of the divorce, a judge can award alimony for a specific period until the spouse can become self-supporting.  This is a solution that can come with its own set of problems for either party. Our divorce lawyers handle all types of alimony and spousal support cases.

Generally, alimony and spousal support are determined based upon the income or combined income of the husband and wife.  In most instances, the husband is the primary earner and the wife receives alimony in congruence with the husband’s earnings.

When a spouse’s financial stability is dependent upon the contribution from husband or wife, divorce can cause a major upheaval of lifestyle.  Sometimes, it is a challenge
to resolve payments and that is when you need our attorneys on your team to enforce alimony and spousal support.

With experience and tenacity, we make sure our clients receive the best possible results regardless of what side of the conflict he or she is on.

Equitable division of marital property (§ 3502)


(b) Lien.–The court may impose a lien or charge upon property of a party as security for the payment of alimony or any other award for the other party.

Alimony (§ 3701)

(a) General rule.–Where a divorce decree has been entered, the court may allow alimony, as it deems reasonable, to either party only if it finds that alimony is necessary.

There are a handful of items for review when making a determination regarding alimony. A few include:

–  Duration of marriage

–  Expectancy of any inheritances

–  Income of both spouses

To calculate support:

–  If there are no minor children, 40% of the difference between the payor’s net monthly income and the recipients’ net monthly income

–  If there are minor children, then the income differential is reduced by the amount of child support and typically, that result is multiplied by 30%

Typically, alimony and spousal support awards are combined with child support. This is taxable to the recipient and deductible to the payor.

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