April 9, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Custody

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Custody


Custody Attorney
Custody Attorney

Sometimes it is a difficult decision to make to decide if you should hire an attorney for your child custody matter. There is always the option to represent yourself pro-se, but will your knowledge and little experience with this topic be enough? Below I will give you seven different examples why you should not walk into the courtroom alone, without an experience family attorney for your custody matter.

1. Your Ex-Partner has an attorney

Imagine going into a court room alone and you see a well-experienced known attorney standing next to your ex. What are your thoughts? I am sure you are thinking, it would have been best to hire an attorney. An attorney whose expertise is in family law, specifically child custody, can help you determine on how to move forward with your case. An attorney can help you decide if it is best to come to an agreement through negotiation without going in front of a judge.

2. Your Case is Complex

Your custody case may start off simple, but when the opposing party and you cannot come to an agreement, it may become more complex then expected. For example: At first your ex agreed with you on 50/50 custody, now they are seeking full because they feel as if you are unfit to have the kids overnight. Different complication such as these would make it much easier for you if you hired an experienced family attorney.

3. Your Side of The Story- from an Attorney’s Point of View

Sometimes, it is hard to put your feelings aside as a parent, when your child custody dispute ends up in front of a judge. It may be easier to tell the judge, everything the other parent has done wrong, and blame your spouse for your family falling apart. It is very important to tell your side of the story, but it must be presented to the court in the correct format. It is much easier for your attorney to look at and explain the strengths of your argument, and the most important points of your case, without too much emotion involved.

4. Different Jurisdictions

When a child custody matter crosses different counties’, states, or even countries it is very important to understand the laws in each place. This kind of matter would be a good example on why to hire an attorney. The courts will decide in the best interest of the child, with an attorney’s help, it could work out in your favor.

5. Safety of Your Child

If you believe your child or children are in danger and must seek immediate action, it is very helpful and less stressful for a custody attorney to assist you. In a matter like this, your custody issue is very important and the stakes of losing this case are too high.

6. Child First

The interest of the child is the most important in custody disputes. This includes the child’s happiness, security, well-being, mental and physical health, and development in their childhood. Parents need to be aware that choices made will affect child’s development and the relationship you have with your child as a parent. A custody attorney will provide a perspective and make sure the decisions you make benefit your child and their future.

7. Avoiding Mistakes

Custody disputes may not be as easy as they seem. Especially if both parties cannot come to an agreement while negotiating terms. Representing yourself pro-se, could end up being a costly mistake. An attorney practices law every day and knows the ins and outs from experience in a court room. Unfortunately, unless you are an attorney, you do not have the same benefit. The outcome of what happens in the courtroom can affect you for years, even decades to come. Be wise and lawyer up. Feel free to contact us with questions you may have.