Love it or hate it, the prenuptial agreement has become a fairly common practice before marriage. Although many people still have their reservations about the business-like approach to marriage, couples of high net worth see the value. It is a great precautionary measure for those who like the security of knowing how their financial futures […] Read More

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It’s your life’s work – protect your business during and after divorce After years of hard work and dedication, the value of a business may run deeper than its bank accounts. Families often become entangled in the ownership and daily operation of a business. With this comes complicated and emotional situations – especially in the […] Read More

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Removing risks by rethinking the “Prenup” Recent media discussions about prenuptial agreements have many wondering if they should consider the contract before tying the knot. Arguably, anyone with money or desire to make some in the future should consider this type of agreement. There are however deeper emotional concerns that play a major role in […] Read More

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