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  • Great job!!! Michael and his team are extremely dedicated and hard working. From the very beginning, they want you to feel comfortable and know they care about your case. Thank you for all your help!!!

    - Divorce Client

  • It was time me to get a divorce and I went to Mr Kuldiner. He was very up front about everything. When we went to court he did everything and more then he said he was going to do. We settled out of court and I was able to keep all of my 401k. Money well spent. I would recommend him to anyone

    - Custody and Divorce Client

  • Magnificent!!! Very honest, quick reply, patiently listen to you and gives you best advice. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Kuldiner for your help and support in my legal matter.

    - Divorce Client

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Have a question you don't see here? Complete the inquiry form and receive a call from our office to talk more.

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you determine whether or not you need to speak with a lawyer. If you have additional questions, please complete the inquiry form with details of your concern and a member of our team will reach out to you.

For a personal injury case, when should I contact a lawyer? Will I have to pay anything up front?

If you have been injured, you should call a lawyer as close to the accident as possible. With statute of limitation being two years, it's best to get in touch right away to see what rights you may have. You will not pay anything up front for the consultation or determining whether or not you have a case; a personal injury case is billed on a contingency fee basis.

Do I have to hire a lawyer for a divorce?

It is not required to hire a lawyer to handle a divorce; however, a lawyer can properly defend your rights as an individual throughout the process. Sharing a lawyer for both parties really means that one person's point of view is represented. Your lawyer can review, draft and properly file documents based on the laws while ensuring your best interests are being fought for. Those who rely on one lawyer or do it on their own usually find themselves shelling out more money in the long run - either by getting a bad deal in a divorce settlement  or by dragging out the process. Especially where custody is involved, having a lawyer can be critical.

How long does it take to get divorced in Bucks County?

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone's cases vary. Based on the laws alone, it could only take a matter of a few months to have the paperwork go through the system. For those separated at least two years, there is no mandatory waiting period (90 days) so it can also be completed even more quickly if all parties agree and sign documents promptly and properly.

Because life is not that simple, divorces can take much longer - dividing property, assets, investments, retirement plans, obtaining documents, creating custody agreements, waiting for hearings, etc. can all take many weeks or even months. There are big issues that can get emotional - so depending on the parties, a divorce can take less than six months or six years! Again, it all depends upon the complexity of the facts and attitudes of the parties. 

What is an assessment appeal and how will I save money?

A property assessment appeal involves the math behind how your property taxes are determined. The county is using their data on the value of your home to start their calculation. If that value is much higher than more current market value, the property tax will reflect that.

What we do is research the property and evaluate whether or not your home is most likely over-assessed. If our attorneys think it may be over-assessed, you can then hire our services and we will submit an appeal on your behalf. Having the knowledge and resources of an experienced real estate lawyer helps ensure a thorough appeal submitted on time. The county then determines whether or not the property is over-assessed and adjusts downward which results in a savings. Not all properties will receive a reduction; it is ultimately the county's decision.

For more on specific topics, click here for links to pages in the site that may help provide more information.  
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