November 24, 2013

A Common Regret After Divorce in Pennsylvania

How not hiring a lawyer can lead to regret


Our office knows the extent to which a divorce can exhaust a client, especially when they have sought counsel after being un-represented for much of the proceedings. We also know how satisfied clients feel for having solid guidance during a tough time. Handling divorce in Pennsylvania on your own may leave you wondering what could have been. Those who have been through it will tell you the biggest regret of their divorce was not hiring an attorney early on or at all.

Getting real about choices

Everyone hopes their divorce will not require attorneys at all. They go about separating their lives in a lot of ways, and talking about custody. Soon, the other party hires a lawyer and you are getting stacks of documents in the mail. One thing leads to another and finally the divorce is entered; however, many are left with more questions. Had I retained a lawyer to review all of this, would I have more time with my kids? More support coming in monthly? Less support going out monthly?

Consider the long term expenses

Taking a the passive and cost effective approach could cost big bucks. For example, if you are not represented and paying child support, you may be subject to increases in monthly payments when custody time is limited. Perhaps you wished to have more time with your kids and never had the chance to get the right arrangement? Or, perhaps your children are of an age where they have their own lives and choose not to spend time with you. Having a divorce lawyer to sift through these details, advise and argue your case could mean a dramatically different outcome.


In matters of equitable distribution, simply decoding what is marital and what is non-marital can cause confusion. For divorce in Pennsylvania, it is advisable to have a PA divorce lawyer review your assets and ask you the important questions. When did you acquire the asset? Has it appreciated in value over the duration of the marriage? How much of the marital home is considered marital property where down payments are involved? These are expensive decisions to make on your own – dividing assets in Pennsylvania is done as equitably as possible through the divorce process. Having a lawyer will help determine what that means for you.

Fight for your kids

Support and custody can intertwine, but are separate actions in court. If you have resolved your support matter, but are not seeing your children, you need a lawyer. The best interests of the child are always of primary concern for Pennsylvania courts. It does not serve in anyone’s interests to have poorly drafted or non-existent custody arrangements. This is the primary area of regret for many individuals who did not retain a divorce and/or custody lawyer; worse than losing money is losing precious time with your children.


Do not end up kicking yourself down the road. It may hard to face the challenges ahead, but do yourself a favor and allow professionals to do the work. Even if it seems intimidating now, you may one day wonder what could have been. Call our offices to schedule a consultation with a Bucks County divorce lawyer, at (215) 942-2100. Feel free to submit an inquiry form and a member of our team will contact you.