June 29, 2013

Prenup Agreement

Removing risks by rethinking the “Prenup”

Recent media discussions about prenuptial agreements have many wondering if they should consider the contract before tying the knot. Arguably, anyone with money or desire to make some in the future should consider this type of agreement. There are however deeper emotional concerns that play a major role in making this decision.

Experts and industry specialists have varying opinions on whether or not the “average” income couple should have a prenup. Some specialists settle on the notion that where there is no great wealth, none is necessary. Others consider the earning potential of either party and ask couples to plan for the future.

There is obvious concern for the emotions of the couples and the tenuous discussion that may follow the suggestion of a prenup. Having a frank and honest discussion about finances prior to marriage may alleviate the stress of the unknown; it may also force some practical insight into how a couple communicates about their money.

Finances play an often dubious, but key role in marriage. Understanding the commitment of marriage and all it entails does not end after the ceremony. If you and/or your spouse are considering a prenuptial agreement, contact our office to discuss the options with an attorney. Attorney Michael Kuldiner has ample experience and insight into how best to prepare you and your spouse for the future. Call (215) 942-2100 to set up a consultation.