February 12, 2020

What Not To Do After Divorce

Getting your divorce decree can feel like you’ve had a massive weight lifted off your shoulders. You may feel a certain sense of freedom now that the long and drawn out process is finally over. However, when your divorce is finalized there are still things that can get you into trouble, especially if children are involved. There are many actions and circumstances that could get you into trouble even after you get that final divorce order.


Money is one of the first things that can cause an issue. You should not spend money you don’t have yet. There are many examples of people who go through the process of divorce and act as if the floodgates have opened and they just start spending money. If you overspend after your divorce and start to spend money immediately after your ex-spouse may look for a chance to file for a modification. If your ex-spouse believes you have more money than you lead on in the process, they may try to bring you back into court.


Another issue with money is the issue of relying on support. If you are relying on support, you should not remain dependent on that support. If you rely on a check from your ex-spouse, you need to move away from that as your sole source of income. If something were to happen say a loss of a job or even life of the payer of your support check, you now have no source of income. You should work to become independent as quickly as possible.


It is also incredibly important to be careful of what you post online after your divorce. Things posted on social media can really come back to haunt you after a divorce. Posting pictures on social media of different things can lead you back into court. If you are posting pictures of expensive relationships or pictures with a significant other can cause the opposite party to try to modify support orders. It can also make it easier for them to make their argument because they are using your pictures as evidence against you.


It is also important not to post things online that can anger upset your ex-spouse. Posting things that are rude online will likely upset them to the point where they may contact their lawyer to see what modifications they can file for. Trying to be rude and ignorant towards your ex can cause issues, like if you post videos of your child calling your new significant other “mommy” can be an issue.


In general, if you think that it will upset your ex if you post it online and you’re doing it with the mentality of rubbing it in your ex’s face you really shouldn’t post it online. There is a very big difference between posting something that show a happy day, and something that is clearly smearing the pictures or post about something in your ex’s face. IT is important to be cautious and think about things you are doing after your divorce. Just because it is over doesn’t mean they are out of your life forever and they can no longer drag you back into court.


If you have any questions or concerns about a pending divorce or one that is completed, yet you may be getting pulled back into court over actions take after the finalization contact The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. Our experienced attorneys can help guild you through your situation and help get you a better outcome.