February 17, 2020

Steps To Take After Your Divorce

When your divorce is finalized it can feel like the end of a tedious process. However, while your marriage is officially ended your duties to the divorce may not be. Whether you have a settlement agreement, or it is ordered by a court there may be steps after the finalization that you are required to take. There are also some steps you really should consider taking on your own accord after your divorce.

Save Documents

The first thing you should worry about is saving your documents. It is important to hold onto documents from your divorce because you may need to reference them again in the future. Unfortunately, you may need those documents again if a contempt or modification is filed, and it is best to have everything from the previous litigation already on hand. While many documents can be pulled from the courts, it is easier to just make a digital version of the documents so they don’t get lost and you can access them if you ever need to. There are many online resources that allow you to save documents online for easy access and added security.

Create A Log

You should then create a log of everything. If you are receiving support you should create a spreadsheet and log when you are going to be receiving, how much you are receiving, and what you do receive. Keeping track of the records can prevent the other party from falsely accusing something of being wrong.

Create Deadlines

Creating deadlines is another key step after your divorce is finalized. While your marital settlement agreement may have some larger deadlines put into it, like when titles to homes and such need to be handed over, it may not deal with smaller ones. It is important to set your own deadlines on things such as when to switch bills out of or into someone’s name.

Take Care Of Insurance

Cleaning up the car issues is the next step you should be taking. If there is no deadline written into your settlement agreement you should try to remove your name from your ex’s vehicle immediately. If something is to happen where you need the title and you do not have it, it causes unnecessary headaches that can be prevented.

There are many things to consider when your divorce is finalized. Separating all your assets from your ex-spouse is important and must be considered after your divorce. Taking these steps and going above what is ordered can save you headache in the future. Making sure you take care of and track what should be happening and when, can save you from being drug back into court over something that was preventable. If you are having issues after your divorce contact The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. and our experienced attorneys can help you through the process.