March 1, 2024

5 MORE Tips to Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer

Continuing Our Series on Navigating the Divorce Maze

ICYMI: We reviewed tips 1-5 here. We recommend reading those tips first.

6. Experience and Expertise 

Divorce cases can vary widely in complexity, so it’s crucial to choose a divorce lawyer with relevant experience in handling cases like yours. Inquire about their track record and success rate in achieving favorable outcomes for their clients. An experienced divorce lawyer will be well-versed in local laws and court procedures, as well as a strong negotiator, all combining to empower you with the skills, knowledge and advantage you need on your side. 

7. Legal Fees and Billing Structure 

Discussing legal fees upfront can help avoid any financial surprises down the line. Inquire about the lawyer’s billing structure, whether they charge a flat fee, hourly rate, or operate on a retainer basis. Understand what services are covered under the fee structure and inquire about any additional costs that may arise. Transparency between both you and your potential counsel will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your budget. 

8. Alternative Dispute Resolution 

If this isn’t a path you’d like to pursue, you can ignore this step. If it is a course you want to consider though, ask whether the lawyer is open to alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or collaborative divorce.  

These approaches are not the norm by any means, but in the right circumstance, may be more cost-effective and amicable, fostering a cooperative environment rather than an adversarial one. A divorce attorney who is skilled in alternative dispute negotiation can help you explore these options and guide you to a resolution that minimizes conflict. 

9. Accessibility and Availability 

Divorce proceedings often involve tight deadlines and court appearances, increasing not just stress levels, but the importance of accessibility and availability as crucial factors in selecting an attorney. Don’t be too shy to ask about their caseload and availability. You’ll want to make sure they’re able to dedicate sufficient time to your case. A responsive and accessible divorce firm and attorney can do wonders in easing the stress and uncertainties associated with the divorce process. 

10. Dedicate the Time to the Process and Your Goal 

The attorney-client relationship should be a true partnership. Really appreciating and approaching your search with this mindset will help you choose a lawyer who truly understands your goals and values. One who will significantly contribute to a smoother and more favorable divorce process and outcome for you.  

You might (read: will) feel frustrated at times. That’s okay, you’re human. Overall, divorce can feel like, well… a lot.  

Just make sure to set aside the time you need to make a choice that matches you – as an individual and your specific circumstances – keeping your objectives in mind, and you’ll do fine. 

As you go into this selection process, also understand that while it can be hard to “rule in” (“select” a lawyer), conversely, it can be easy to “rule out”. Even an initial Google search can help narrow your list to finalists, so not every step above must be done for every single attorney candidate. That “rule out” criteria (which may be something purely specific to you and your values) can help you save time and help you make progress.  


You’re on your path forward now, defining your needs, seeking recommendations, and researching candidates. You’re being smart – intellectually and emotionally – and following the steps towards making the right decision for you.  

And remember, before anything else the very first thing you need to know is… 

You’ve got this! 

Know it. Believe it. 

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