Five Tips to Enhance Divorce Communication Between Spouses

divorce communication

The breakdown in communication between spouses is a common occurrence in divorce cases. Indeed, communication between spouses likely broke down before the commencement of marital dissolution proceedings and oftentimes is a factor contributing to the breakup.

Proper communication between spouses actually makes the divorce process easier for both parties. Five tips can assist to enhance divorce communication between spouses.

Divorce Communication: Establish and Respect Boundaries

A fundamental practice to employ in divorce related communication is to establish and respect boundaries. Each spouse must make clear what he or she perceives to be appropriate, acceptable means of communication. Once established, each spouse must strive to respect these communication boundaries.

Divorce Communication: Listen Intently

Communication during a divorce enhances mightily when the spouses listen intently to what is being said to them by the other party. This cannot be merely some exercise in so-called “active listening.” Rather, it must be listening to understand and digest rather than listening merely to frame a tactical response.

Avoid Deception

Honesty truly is the best policy when it comes to communication during a divorce case. In the final analysis, parties to a divorce avoid a great deal of acrimony if they endeavor to be as forthright as possible in their communications with the other spouse.

Avoid Grand Promises

Some people in divorce make large promises that simply cannot be kept. For example, a divorcing person might promise the other spouse that he or she will obtain a certain type of employment which, in reality, is beyond that individual’s skill set. Grand promises unnecessarily heightens expectations which then leads to disappointment and more conflict in divorce proceedings.

Avoid Insults

Insults many times fly in divorce cases. Marriage dissolution proceedings do have the potential for bringing out the worst in people. One strategy that must be used to keep this (somewhat) understandable discord to a minimum is to avoid trading insults between the parties. Leave the wrangling to lawyers and the jabs to standup comedians. If a couple seem to naturally gravitate to insults and destructive commentary, they should consider severely limiting the amount of contact and communication they have with one another.

Keeping the lines of divorce communication open using these tactics will work to lessen the time spent in divorce court and to lower the fees from attorneys. Adopting these strategies advances a divorcing couple to their new lives in a much more expeditious manner.