December 13, 2015

Tips to Make a Divorce Case Easier

No matter the best intentions of spouses seeking to end a marriage, a divorce case is not only a legally buy also an emotionally challenging process. There are some strategies that a couple can employ in an effort to lower the tensions and make a divorce case at least somewhat easier to navigate.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

The number one step to take in an effort to tamp down the emotions and conflicts associated with ending a marriage is to hire a divorce attorney. Yes, when a divorce lawyer is retained, that professional will stand his or her ground and will do what is necessary to protect the rights and interests of the client. But, in the end, it is the divorce lawyer who is doing battle (hopefully with another qualified divorce attorney). This leaves the parties to a divorce case a margin of space to stay out of the fray, at least to some degree.

Write Things Down Before and During a Divorce Case

Everything of consequence in a divorce case needs to be in writing. This includes the taking of notes about matters that may be an issue in a divorce case before such a legal action is filed with the court.

Obviously, major agreements are placed into written form. In addition, if spouses reach agreement during a divorce about when the kids will be picked up for parenting time, confirm the arrangement in writing. Email provides an excellent tool for inter-spousal communication during a divorce. It also provides a means of creating a record about a vast array of smaller, but important, agreements that occur throughout a divorce case.

Keep Third Parties Out of the Mix

Do not involve third parties – except for attorneys – in a divorce case. Do not drag friends into disputes. Do not rely on friends to communicate, unless there is a clearly designated, mutually agreeable individual who can serve in such a capacity without incident.

Practice the Art of the Time Out

When it appears emotions are about to flare, or if some sort of impasse is reached, a divorcing couple should take a breather from each other. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a divorcing couple does not have to address every issue immediately or when it is raised. Time outs works to lower emotions and gives a couple time to contemplate a situation and put it into perspective.