July 2, 2013

Choosing a divorce attorney | Tips & Caveats

What to consider before hiring representation for your divorce

As with any other area of law, hiring a lawyer with experience is always important. For this area of law, choosing a divorce attorney that has a heavy volume of his or her practice specifically in family matters is crucial. An attorney who primarily practices family law knows the best approaches and other family lawyers; this will help alleviate negotiations and maintain solid rapport to keep much of the discussion out of the courtroom.

Apart from the “on-paper” specs such as ratings, reviews, and certifications, you should focus on choosing a divorce attorney you feel comfortable talking to. You need to ensure you understand your case and have an attorney who can explain what is going on without the law school lecture. His or her personal style of communication is going to play a large part in determining how opposing counsel and the courts respond to your wishes. If you are a resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Montgomery County and/or Philadelphia, Attorney Michael Kuldiner can provide the attention to detail and comfortable communications you need.

In the initial consultation with your attorney, determine how comfortable you are with sharing information. Full disclosure is an absolute must in divorce and custody matters; sharing financial and personal information should be as easy as possible. At the Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C., an initial, first consultation is free of charge so you can see for yourself what kind of service we can provide. Mr. Kuldiner will review the nature of your file and give you straightforward analysis of what the costs and benefits may be.

Familiarity with division of assets is another quality to bear in mind. Choosing a divorce attorney who speaks to the business component of your marriage is important where complex wealth or investment issues are present. Consider intellectual property, real estate, and other investments; having an attorney with subject matter expertise in these areas will make division of assets a succinct and less costly process. Mr. Kuldiner specializes in real estate and business law and can accurately advise as to property values and fair market values.

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