February 9, 2013

What is the Attorney Client Relationship?

A lawyer, is an officer of the Court, has commitments to uphold in the service of his clients. It is his duty to advise clients of their legal rights and obligations, help clients by taking legal action to protect their interests and assist clients before courts, tribunals, or administrative bodies (Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, OHCHR).

The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. is a firm in Pennsylvania. The firm has been helping clients with marital problems such as divorce and custody. As family disputes and proceedings for divorce are very complicated, only an experienced lawyer can help clients for redress of grievances.

The moment a Lawyer’s services are sought, an attorney-client relationship is automatically created between the client and lawyer. Lawyers are duty bound to assist clients to find solutions to their problems, while clients have to cooperate by giving full trust and confidence to his Lawyer. For effective and smooth delivery of services, here are some tips so clients may assist their Lawyers for quick and easy resolution of their case:

  • Client must be true and honest.  Lawyers know what is best for their clients. From the beginning, clients should be true and honest and provide only factual and correct information. Most of the time, Family Law cases involve a close member of the family which make it more difficult to come out in the open. Every detail of an incident, event or record is an important piece of information for a Lawyer. Providing false information will not help your Lawyer.
  • Client must be open. A lawyer client relationship should have an established mode of communication. Clients feel secure when they have open link of communication with their lawyer. Clients need to know the progress of the case and should always be ready to discuss the Lawyer’s course of action. Communication may be through electronic means or personal whenever practicable.
  • Client must be cooperative. In cases involving divorce, child custody and support, a client is expected to come forward and provide proof of relationship, provide testimony and documentation to prove marital disputes, abandonment, cruelty, neglect and ill-treatment towards members of the family.

In a lawyer client relationship, a client should see to it that his or her Lawyer is properly informed. It is also a client’s obligation to comply with his commitments under the Retainer Agreement which include payment for legal services and litigation costs, regardless of the outcome of the case.