March 20, 2014

Relocating with Children Post-Separation

When clients finish the process of divorce after years of difficulty in marriage, the prospect of starting a new life can be exciting and nerve wracking. That new job, the opportunity for change, and really getting to know yourself are common “bright sides” to divorce. For those with kids, the feeling of full opportunity can […]

December 27, 2012

Recent PA Child Relocation Decision

Can you relocate with your child? In a recent case, the Mother’s petition to relocate was denied. The mother appealed from the trial court order that denied her petition for relocation and a related request to modify the terms of custody for the parties’ six-year-old son. The recently enacted new Child Custody Act became effective […]

August 3, 2012

When a parent wants to relocate with shared custody

What is the Child Custody Act and how is custody determined? Section 5337 of the recently enacted Child Custody Act, 23 Pa.C.S. § 5321 et seq., alters the legal standards that a trial court must consider when ruling on a request to relocate with shared custody. Under prior practice, trial courts considered relocation requests based […]